what is "gezellig" ?

Gezellig is a Dutch word that requires a little explanation.  It is pronounced: huh-ZELL-ick and the quickest explanation is “cozy.” However cozy really does not do this word justice. It is so much more than that.

Gezellig really refers to that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you are having a good time with people you like. It’s that weekend with friends at the cottage, or an impromptu gathering after work on a Friday. It’s a well-deserved coffee and breakfast with teammates after a hard workout.  It’s those times with friends that make life awesome!

With everyone leading such busy lives, our mission is just to remind everyone to slow down for a minute and enjoy the moment – preferably with people you like – and maybe even with your favorite beverage and a stroopwafel. Here’s to all your #gezelligmoments.


Hard to say, Easy to eat

Listen to some of these folks work on their Gezellig-ness.
You might not of heard of it, but it sure makes sense.  Just like our cookies.